An Open Letter To The Reader

There is so much I can say here.
I guess I could talk about my qualifications in order to reassure you and give you a level of comfort about seeking or researching a psychological service like mine online.  But this will not inform you about why I specialize in anxiety and depression.
When it comes to working with anxiety and depression as a psychologist, I am aware of the importance of having a good conscience.  I watch out for my own bias in therapeutic situations and ensure it does not contaminate that of my patients.  I have been called compassionate, clever and wise by my patients.  My word(s) for myself though are simply "in tune".  I can detect emotion in others and know that simply talking matters through is not enough to facilitate change in others.  That requires knowledge, skill, experience, intuition and good judgment.  
I typically attract patients who are psychologically minded and are genuine about making a change in their lives.  
My private practice has been created out of a combination of hard work, word of mouth and some luck.
Being able to welcome you to my website is a delight.  I hope I will have an opportunity to welcome you into my office.
With thanks and in anticipation,